• I came to Progressive Office looking for a good quality reception desk, one with all the right features that matched my offices colour & style. Not only did Progressive have a huge range of choices to choose from I was able to get a reception desk tailor made to suit my style!

Take the stress out of your next office fitout

Progressive Office has a large team of designers, builders and installers to give you a value for money complete solution.


Work with your supplier and have the plans drawn up for free

Many people will engage an architect to arrange the layout and draw up the plans for building permits. This is generally important for very large expensive fit outs but is normally over the top in terms of price and specification when it comes to fit outs up to 150 people.

You can save yourself up to $10,000.00 on a small to medium size job by having the supplier of the fit-out and furniture producing the plans with you for free.


Maximize your purchasing leverage

By having your fit-out done by a professional company from start to finish you will get a better deal due to the scale of the job. From design, construction, carpets, electrical and of course the furniture being supplied by the one company.


Total project management for free!

The additional benefit of having one key contractor is the fact that all of the coordination is handled by them and you only have to worry about one point of contact. This is also a huge saving to you in time alone.


Value for money

Price is important but not when it compromises quality. Always look at the warranty periods offered to gauge the true value of the products you are looking at!

A three year warranty is an indication of the products life span which suggests you will need to replace the item 2 years earlier then a 5 year warranty product, if the up front saving is 10 percent in real terms it is 30 percent cheaper to buy the 5 year product!


Is the product right for you

Getting the right advise is always important, knowing the users actual needs will ensure you buy the best solution and that it will work to maximize the users ultimate performance.

An example of this would be chair weight ratings, it is vital that you match the right chair particularly for larger people. There are also occupational health issues you must consider as well as your legal duty of care.

These are a few points tho help you ultimately save money. The most important thing is to work with a professional company which stands by its products and services.

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