What is an Ergonomic Office and How to Create It?

An ergonomic office is a workspace that allows the person to optimize their body’s natural design for maximum effectiveness. Ergonomic is ultimately all about improving the human performance factors contributing directly to worker health, safety, and productivity.

How to Create an Ergonomic Office



Choose a chair that’s very comfortable for your body. If it makes you wiggle, squirm, slouch or lose circulation in your lower extremities, then select a different chair. Ergonomic furniture comforts more as it increases muscle relaxation through improved posture. Choose upholstery that does not ‘stretch’ over time and is made from natural fibers for long-lasting durability for years of active use!

Desk Setup

Often overlooked, your office desk should get set up ergonomically to support postures that allow airflow and blood circulation through your upper body, enabling a healthier position. Set your working height at the elbow level to avoid awkward positions and pressures on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders.


A footrest is crucial for comfort in the long run. Using your legs like a bundle of dynamite during sitting all day can also cause significant discomfort. Postural changes result in pain, which often passes on to ancillary body parts such as fingers, which become distorted and painful too. If your chair is too narrow, consider a footrest to allow multiple devices and texts while sitting.


Place your monitor directly in front of you to see it from your eyes. Please don’t overlook this; most people like to tilt and move their monitor into place while they get done. If you wear bifocals, consider getting adjustable arms and overlays in place. This move will assist your eyesight relief with periodic changes as needed without you ever having to leave the desk again.

Keyboard and Mouse

Place your keyboard and mouse so that your elbows are at a 30° angle to shoulder height. Why? This angle allows excellent wrist freedom of motion, preventing weather and natural changes in position while typing or clicking on tasks.

Bottom Line

Setting up an ergonomic office requires discipline, even with a reduced footprint. Start small and add more ergonomic furniture as the need arises to accommodate growth! The benefits of the move remain immense.



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