General Office Fitout Tips

Tips for General Office Fitout

Fitting an office is not an easy task, especially because of the sheer scale of possibilities that can arise. There are numerous ways to fit out an office and this can seem daunting at first. Immediately, it may be tempting to try to copy the style of offices that you may have seen in Bloomberg or do a replica of what Tesla has at their head. But this may be a knee-jerk reaction that is not best for your company. The use of a particular layout by a top company means that is what they have decided is best for them but in no way guarantees that it will be the best choice for your company. In fact, every company must ensure that the style they choose is in keeping with the company’s goals and ideals. If it happens that the style Amazon has is a fit, then that’s great but the key is to understand what exactly is trying to be achieved.

Of course, not every company can translate their company values and goals into the design of their office. This is why it will be key to have a good office fitting team that has experience in setting up offices for different companies who have different goals. Open plan offices are very popular and especially in the software sector, there is an emphasis on informality and comfort. But this popular style would not be a fit at all in the financial or legal sector, where the emphasis is more on quiet spaces with the privacy of utmost importance due to the confidentiality of most of the actions. But a company may still want the feel of a start-up without compromising security. Hence, by choosing an experienced office fitting company they can help a law company set up their office in a style reminiscent of a technology company without losing any functionality or privacy.

To be able to have the right office fitout, it is key that the office fitting company is not just filled with technical expertise but is also very good at communication. It is only with regular communication with all involved in the process, that it will be possible to understand what the office being fitted out is really expected to achieve after fitting.  It is more important that the company whose office is being fitted understand their intention of what they want more than any actual designs since experienced office fitters will be able to implement and transform ideas.

An inexperienced fitting team will not be able to transform ideas into reality and may well copy another office’s style which may then lead to the fitting process having to be redone in the future since the office doesn’t quite suit the company. This can be avoided by taking a look at the portfolio of the fitting company and by speaking with past clients about the fitting process, so it is clear exactly what will be happening. And, of course, getting quotes is essential as well.


Our in-house CAD and office design team provide the first step in creating the ideal office fit out solutions for your space and people requirements.

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