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Efficient office design is easily created with desk partitions and free standing wall partitions from Progressive Furniture. As well as blocking out some of the office noise and creating more privacy our range of office partitions Melbourne help you stay organised. Delivered across Melbourne get your office set up with easy installation. Our office dividers are Australian made.

Office Partitions starting from as low as $150!

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  • Onsite consultations
  • Professional installation
  • High quality materials and manufacture
  • Melbourne-wide delivery

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Dividers and Office Partitions Melbourne

Why Choose Progressive Office?

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, Progressive office have office partitions to suit your needs and budgets. Buy any of our free-standing and wall mounted units for: [ezcol_1half]
  • Australian made products with guaranteed quality
  • A range of designs to suit your needs
  • Optional accessories to keep organised
  • Delivery anywhere in Melbourne
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  • Ready to deliver & install immediately!
  • Affordable for your budget big or small!
  • Huge range to choose from, right from our showroom floors!
  • Need additional furniture? Chairs? Desks? We've got them and much more too!
[/ezcol_1half_end] Progressive Office Furniture has office partitions in Melbourne at competitive and affordable prices. How affordable? Call us today and discuss your office needs.

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