Full Height Screen System

Full Height Screen System

The full height range is available in any configuration/size or colour.
• Wider screens allows for longer cable runs requiring fewer power poles
• Can accept Cat 6 data without special fittings
• Provides all the features of the 50mm workstation system

Catalyst Tile

This 65mm panel system allows for easy personalisation of your work environment.
• Our Tile systems provide removable panels so that colours can be changed without disassembly
• Frames can be pre wired prior to tile installation for easier access for power and data

No ducting is required for the tile system, each tile acts to segregate wiring.

Catalyst Tile


Our contemporary range of work stations are all Australian Made. They are available in any configuration of Material or colour. This range has been developed to provide a total solution for your needs encompassing ergonomics, electrical & data. Our range of trays and accessories are available for the 3 systems.


Contemporary 1
(120° 3 Person Cluster)

Ideal for call centres & high volume users
• Softwired
• Power via umbilical cord to power pole distributed to wire baskets.
• 22mm Screen available in any fabric
• Can be configured in 3, 6 or 9 way clusters
• Screen can be square, rectangular or wave
• Screens can be pinnable

Contemporary 1


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