How to keep office more organized


How you organize your office makes your work easier and communicates a lot about your personality. You don’t want people to misjudge you depending on what they see in your office. You also want a tidy working space for motivation. This explains why you need your office to be organized. Here are a few tips to help you achieve such a goal:


  1. Proximity storage

    One thing that might contribute to a disorganized office is the tendency to store things without considering when you are likely to use them. When you need something urgently, but then it is stored far, you might have to take everything out to find it. Since, at that time, you are dealing with an emergency, you might not return all the others to the right place. If you do, then you might not do so in order.


Therefore, storing what you need regularly closer to those you do not need frequently will help a great deal. You spend less time getting them and very little time reorganizing them back.


  1. Get rid of irrelevant things.

    Look around your office for a minute. Did you see anything that is not worth being in the office? Well, this is the right time to get rid of them. Ladies are better victims of this. In some offices, you might get some kitchen utensils and shoes. These are not things that you need in your office. You can make it a habit to keep removing them and even make a covenant with yourself not to bring them with you to work.


Irrelevant things, in this case, include even the things that were important but then have lost their relevance. For instance, some furniture can be rendered irrelevant, maybe because it is broken or old. You should have them off your office as long as they are no longer relevant for the space.


  1. Improve your labeling

    Labeling would be very crucial for a shared office. Otherwise, the officeholders will always have something to fight about. When everything is labeled, it becomes easy to obtain any document when needed without necessarily asking each other where the documents might be. A well-marked office is as well attractive and looks organized.


  1. Make shredding your culture

    I hope you have a paper shredder in your office. Well, paperwork is fading away from most of our offices. This does not mean that some printouts will not be needed, especially where approvals in the form of signatures are required. Somehow you will interact with some papers. Therefore, it is your responsibility to develop a culture of paper shredding so that you don’t have a lot of documents that are no longer needed.


We all want to be in an organized office, but somehow laziness takes over us. There is no other alternative but to choose to keep that space organized. Remember, you can spend three times the time needed to complete a duty in an organized office compared to a disorganized one. Just purpose to make it happen.




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