Conference Table Buyer Guide

Business meetings, training, and other events usually happen in a conference room. Conference rooms are specially designed to accommodate these activities. The most important piece of furniture in any conference room is the conference table. Irrespective of the size of your conference room, you need to find an ideal conference table that meets the specific […]

Office Desk is Ideal for Work From Home

Working from home is no longer a strange thing. When COVID-19 first hit, many people were suddenly thrust into the world of remote work with little to no notice. While some may have relished in the newfound freedom that came with working from home, others found it more difficult to adjust. One of the hardest […]

What Is the Ideal Height for an Office Desk?

Did you know that the height of your office desk is just as important as the width and depth? That’s right; the height of your desk can actually have an impact on your productivity, back health, and even your energy levels. So what is the ideal height for an office desk? When it comes to […]

Office Desk Organizational Tips You Can Use

Whether you have a home office or work in an office set up, your desk says a whole lot about you. There are workstations that appear to be neat and organized while others give the appearance of being cluttered and unorganized. Shared office spaces are now common and it can be challenging to find enough […]