<b>The latest in design and function</b><br><br>Hyundai – Essendon

Previous Next HYUNDAI – ESSENDON Project: Hyundai Essendon Date of Completion: December 2017 Size: 3500m2 The New Essendon Hyundai is a flagship store requiring us to meet tight deadlines with the newly created range of furniture . Over an 8 week period we delivered and installed nationally 18 Hyundai dealerships to meet our clients rollout […]

<b>Back of office and sales solution</b><br><br>Bayford Ford Epping

Previous Next BAYFORD FORD EPPING Project: Bayford Ford Epping Size: 3000m2 Bayford Ford is the first Dealership in Australia to use the new International Ford livery, layout and furniture. Progressive have created a new range for all back of office and sales desking which meets Fords design guidelines. Including offices, meeting rooms, board room. Download […]

<b>Back of office and sales solution</b><br><br>Infinity – Doncaster

Previous Next INFINITY – DONCASTER Project: Infinity Doncaster Size: Our brief was to create from scratch an internationally approved standard for infinity front and back of house furniture . Having only images to start with we have designed, built and installed the first of many Infinity dealerships Australia wide with a very short lead time […]

<b>Point of sale shop fitting systems</b><br><br>Kubota

Previous Next KUBOTA Project: Kubota Size: Kubota Australia have launched a new point of sale program in Australia to increase sales in their consumer business. Progressive have designed a series of point of sale shop fitting systems and are currently the process of designing a full standard shop layout complete with standardized furniture. Download Catalogue […]

<b>Designed and manufactured to international specifications</b><br><br>Haval

Previous Next HAVAL Project: Haval Berwick Size: 1000m2 Haval are the newest entrant into the SUV car market in Australia. Progressive have been involved from the very start and have now rolled out the first 5 dealerships. Due to the nature of this roll out being ground up and progressive, we have designed and manufactured […]

<b>The largest Kia Dealership in Australia</b><br><br>Kia – Werribee

Previous Next KIA – WERRIBEE Project: Kia Werribee Size: 3000m2 The largest Kia Dealership in Australia required real attention to timing. Progressive had to ensure that we worked with the end user and coordinate with the trades to have this store opened in a tight time Frame. All loose furniture designed, manufactured and installed by […]