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Boardrooms are very important places in an office since it’s usually here that major decisions are made and it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that most companies have their future and their strategy worked out in a boardroom. So it should certainly follow that the boardroom itself is a place in which the layout and the boardroom furniture and tables are exceptional. It would not do to have the boardroom laid out in any way that is uninspiring or uncomfortable.

It is not only internal decisions that are made in boardrooms, of course. In fact, many boardrooms are places where top clients are brought in for important meetings. In this case, it is also important to have a boardroom that is inspiring as well as ergonomically fitted. Inspiration can be ambiguous and not every industry is the same. But whatever the industry, the boardroom must have furniture that reflects both the seriousness of the business as well as the capability. While the traditional idea of a boardroom brings to mind oak tables and leather chairs, this is not the only option as many technology companies have boardrooms with steel or plastic chairs and plastic tables. It is not so much the material of the office tables that makes it impressive as the knowledge that the boardroom is in keeping with the style and ideals of the company.

In this matter, it can be difficult for a company to decide exactly what type of boardroom furniture and tables to choose. After all, while a company may know what image they wish to portray, it is not at all easy to decide what furniture would reflect this. In this case, it is a good idea to come into the store and speak with staff who have had lots of experience in choosing the right boardroom furniture for various types of enterprises and would be able to advise appropriately.

The style is not the only consideration. Boardroom furniture can be quite expensive, especially if going for the classic and luxurious type of setting. With our local manufacturing, direct importing and large buying power, we can ensure that the best prices are on offer and whatever the type of boardroom you envision it will be possible to find something that suits you in our wide catalogue. We have a wide range of designs that can fit any industry and ranges from the classic styles meant to bring to mind the Victorian era of business or modern styles that wouldn’t look out of place in Silicon Valley.

When it comes to boardroom furniture and tables, we have the highest quality furniture made of the best materials. Furthermore, we can match office tables and reception desks as well so the entire finish is in tune with each other and gives a much better look. We also have a wide range of ergonomic chairs which definitely help to keep everyone comfortable in long meetings and help to ensure attention spans don’t wander from discomfort.


Our in-house CAD and office design team provide the first step in creating the ideal office fit out solutions for your space and people requirements.

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