Office Fitout Companies Melbourne

Office Fitout Companies Melbourne

You deserve it. The efficiency of a well-designed office with the unhindered flow where every office furniture and accessory fits as intended, and every corner is put to good use. This is what Progressive Office Fitout Melbourne is all about. We seek to make your workspace a second home for both your employees and clients by designing spaces that are welcoming and productivity enhancing.

Our Office Fit outs are as perfect for a small business outfit as they are for a large corporate setup. We have learned to tweak our designs and ideas to match the available space so that no office space and shape is awkward for us. The result is a tailored office space that is suitable for your operations. Full turnkey office fitout Companies Melbourne are the preferred choice for individuals and business who want the convenience of a readily-assembled office. Under this option, we work with you or your team to come up with a design that reflects your business goals and values. We’ll handle everything from design concept to planning, construction, and installation. To give you a working space that is completely customized for your needs, we use units that we’ve manufactured ourselves or outsource from major brands. Most of the time, a combination of the two, brand and custom-made pieces, gives the intended outcome. In some cases, we’ll work with only those items we’ve designed and manufactured should we feel they’re more suited for space. Of course, we liaise with you every step of the way so we can align our expectations. This way, you know what to expect at all times as the project progresses.

Let’s break it down further to the specific services you get, most of which are available as stand-alone services. Our interior design and layout services are tailored to comply with the applicable Australian building codes and regulations. With this service, we aim to transform your interior office space into a safe, functional and lovely space to work in. Our air conditioning, plumbing, fire, electrical and data installation services are intended to ensure constant connectivity for all your utilities. We do this in the safest way, with our engineers using only the recommended installation systems in line with industry regulations.

We also offer space planning, floor coverings, storage solutions, seating solutions, ceilings, partitions, demotion services, office relocation management, signage, permits and drafting, complete workstations and office furniture.

To make the fitout even more personalized, we invite you to pick the material of your choice. Australian-made materials get the priority in all our offerings. They are a hit with our customers too, and we’re sure they’ll work for you as well. We offer reconstituted timber veneer and laminate, two stunning materials with a natural wood appearance that come in two ranges: standard and prestige. Combined, they give you more than 30 laminate and veneer varieties to choose from. Our fabric selection includes vinyl and nano soft polyester and is particularly chosen for its commercial quality, meaning it’s heavy-duty and wears well in the busy office environment.

If you already have an office plan and design layout, we’re happy to review it. Our CAD and office design team will advise you on the tweaks needed, if any, and work with you to transform the layout into an ideal office fit out for your requirements.


Our in-house CAD and office design team provide the first step in creating the ideal office fit out solutions for your space and people requirements.

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