Melbourne Office Partitions

Melbourne Office Partitions

Offices are all different not only in industry and attitude but also in the design and layout. While open plan offices are becoming more and more common, despite mixed reviews about how useful they really are in aiding productivity; they are by no means the default. In fact, it would be far from appropriate to have an open plan setting for every office since in industries where confidentiality is critical then it is essential that office partitions are used.

Of course, confidentiality is not the only consideration when deciding to choose office partitions. In some offices it may have been decided that the productivity is greater by separating the places for collaboration and those for individual work. In those cases, office partitions Melbourne will be relevant to set up the space that is needed to have these two modes.  Choosing the right type of office partition will definitely involve having done some research into the kind of style of working a company wishes to implement and what is best for the productivity of the company.

However, a company may not know exactly what style of partition is a fit or even if they should be using partitions at all. This is understandable as there is no reason to expect many companies have expertise in interior design or understanding of office partitions. But when this in-house understanding is lacking, then it is possible to come to experts in office partitions Melbourne who will be able to help in choosing the right partitions for the office so that the type of office that is needed can be put into place.

All partitions are not the same and it may be possible to have temporary partitions depending on the project. For a company that needs confidentiality at and times and at other times open collaboration, the option of rooms for working in teams is always available but it can also be an option to have partitions which are attached to the desk and can easily be put up or taken down. There can also be the option of using partitions on wheels which to offers the mobility of partitions and easy changes to the office.

More fixed vertical screens can also be used and this offers the option of rails and trays which makes to easier to keep accessories and materials close by, thereby maximising the use of space and making for a more efficient workspace. It is therefore almost guaranteed that workspaces and the work itself can be made more productive by the use of screens since it raises efficiency.

Choosing to use screens is a big step for a company and it is obvious that they will need to choose the right kind of screens. This is why for office partitions Melbourne, it would be best to come into our showroom and see what we have in store. Our experts can help to customize any office with screens of whatever material or color you require.


Our in-house CAD and office design team provide the first step in creating the ideal office fit out solutions for your space and people requirements.

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