Contemporary 2
(90º Configuration)

Versatile Beam System Offering many options
Top into Beam
• 22mm screen with mounts to top or leg system
• Can be supplied as
- fixed height
- technician adjustable
- winder adjustment
• Bracketing allows for straight, corner or 120º configuration
• Screens can be pinnable

Softwired through desk top into cable trays mounted to beam.
Technician height adjustment.
Technician height adjustment.
Winder height adjustment.
Winder height adjustment.

Contemporary 3

This elegant 50mm leg workstation system allows for total flexibility.
• 25mm screen can mount to desktop or leg to allow for modesty
• Can be straight, corner or giant cluster configuration
• Can use umbilical power management
• Screens can be pinnable

Power fed from floor mounted power blade.
Soft wiring through ceiling to underslung baskets terminating at the Athena desk power rail.


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