Posture chairs, a wise investment for the future

Posture chairs are the ultimate office chairs or computer chairs- offering a combination of both style and personalised comfort for the user, they make being seated behind a desk or computer a pleasure. Our range of posture chairs have been carefully selected for their durability and workmanship.

Choosing your posture chair:

Select a posture chair from our range below for moderate usage or opt for a heavy-duty posture chair (rated for 24hour usage) by scrolling down. If you would like to try our posture chairs or discuss your posture chair needs with a trained professional, please visit one our 5 showrooms in Melbourne.

What is Therapod™?

Therapod™ is an adjustable posture support system built into the back of each Contemporary and Classic chair.

It has been proven that all backs are not the same, and for that reason a chair which is defined as being truly ergonomic needs to be able to fit each individual user's back-shape.

Therapod™ is both simple - and quick - to adjust, and is essential in the overall Optimum Working Environment to assist in the prevention of posture-related injury, as well as minimising existing back pain.

Once adjusted, and with the synchron mechanism correctly balanced to the height and weight of the user, it becomes a chair which 'knows' you.

It will move and support each user differntly, and feel like no other chair can.

Australian-designed and manufactured Therapod™ is sold internationally and is widely regarded as the World's Most Adjustable Chair.

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